minyak aprikot / apricot oil




Komposisi :
100% Minyak Apricot
Ingredients :
100% Apricot oil

Cara penyajian :
Tambahkan ke makanan dan sayuran.
How to use
Salad dressing, drizzle it on vegetables, pasta, or other dishes for a boost of flavor and omega 3,6,9 fatty acids.

Cara Penyimpanan :
Simpan di tempat kering & terhindar dari sinar matahari langsung. Simpan pada suhu di bawah 30o C
Storage method :
Store in a dry place avoid sunlight directly. Store at temperature under 30o C


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5 Manfaat Mengagumkan Minyak Aprikot Untuk Kesehatan

Fimela23 Jul 2015, 16:45 WIB

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Pada dasarnya, ada beragam minyak alami yang memiliki segudang manfaat untuk kesehatan. Beberapa minyak tersebut antara lain adalah minyak kelapa, minyak zaitun, minyak biji apel dan masih banyak lagi. Perlu kita tahu, satu lagi jenis minyak yang memiliki segudang manfaat sehat adalah minyak buah aprikot.

Ya, dilansir dari laman stylecraze.com, minyak aprikot tak hanya baik untuk kesehatan kulit dan rambut, minyak aprikot memiliki segudang manfaat sehat untuk tubuh. Penasaran apa saja manfaatnya untuk kesehatan tubuh? Berikut ulasannya untuk Anda.


Melembabkan Bibir

Hampir sama dengan minyak zaitun dan minyak kelapa, minyak aprikot sangat baik dalam menjaga kesehatan bibir. Mengoleskan minyak aprikot secara teratur sebelum tidur sebagai lip balm bisa bantu Anda dapatkan bibir lembab, jauh dari masalah bibir kering serta bibir pecah-pecah.

Mencegah Risiko Kanker

Kandungan vitamin B17 yang cukup tinggi dalam minyak aprikot menjadikan minyak alami satu ini sangat baik dalam mencegah risiko kanker baik kanker tulang hingga kanker serviks. Selain mencegah risiko kanker, study menyebutkan bahwa minyak aprikot bisa bantu menjaga tekanan darah dalam tubuh.

Mengatasi Sakit Flu Dan Pilek

Flu dan pilek adalah salah satu penyakit yang menyerang pada semua orang. Untuk mengatasi hal ini, Anda bisa memanfaatkan minyak aprikot. Nutrisi yang terkandung dalam minyak aprikot dikatakan sangat baik untuk meningkatkan sistem kekebalan tubuh dan melawan virus penyebab flu maupun pilek.

Meredakan Arthritis

Mengingat bahwa minyak aprikot mengandung nutrisi baik dan memiliki sifat anti-inflamasi, hal ini membuat minyak alami satu ini sangat efektif mengurangi serta mengatasi gejala arthritis. Arthritis sendiri merupakan peradangan kronis pada sendi dan sering kali menyebabkan sakit serta nyeri.

Meningkatkan Kesehatan Jantung

Salah satu penyakit mematikan sekaligus sangat berbahaya adalah penyakit jantung. Dan agar bisa terhindar dari masalah kesehatan jantung, salah satu cara mudah yang bisa dilakukan adalah memanfaatkan minyak aprikot. Mengganti minyak goreng biasa dengan minyak aprikot dipercaya bisa meningkatkan kesehatan jantung 50% lebih baik.


Itulah beberapa manfaat dari minyak aprikot. Selain manfaat di atas, minyak aprikot juga sangat baik dalam menjaga kecantikan dan kesehatan tubuh lainnya khususnya pada bagian kulit serta rambut. Semoga informasi ini bermanfaat untuk Anda semua.

disadur : https://m.fimela.com/beauty-health/read/3749817/5-manfaat-mengagumkan-minyak-aprikot-untuk-kesehatan

Health benefits of Apricot Seed Oil


Health benefits of Apricot Seed OilApricot is usually a healthy food which is very therapeutic for dealing with asthma, bronchitis, tuberculosis, anemia etc. It really is abundant with minerals and it has plenty of health advantages. Its seed and also the oil obtained from its seeds also provide plenty of benefits for your health, skin and also the hair. The seeds might be ground into powder and included with soaps, fruit juice, cereal, vegetables and various curries or it might be consumed raw. It really is roasted to get its oil, which may be included with salad dressings as well as in the lotions which you use on the face.

 Health benefits of Apricot Seed Oil

Apricot oil is really a rich source of fatty acids in addition to Vitamin E and A. Therefore it is very theraputic for dealing with dry as well as mature skin and keep the skin revitalized. In case your skin feels scratchy or dry after having a bath, use this oil in your damp skin and you’ll get relief. This oil is a crucial ingredient in lots of of the cosmetics just like soaps, creams as well as skin lotions. It gets absorbed within the skin fast and doesn’t make the skin oily. Therefore, lots of people prefer it for massaging the body and also as sunbathing oil on the beach. Massaging the body with this particular oil works well for eliminating stress, pain and inflammation. Being mild as well as non-irritating, additionally it is great for massaging infants and children. It could also be added like a base in lots of aromatherapy oils too.

1. Moisturizer

Apricot seed oil is utilized as a good moisturizer and helps for treating dry skin which is generally in the elbows, feet, knees and also the hands. Using this on the skin makes the skin smooth as well as soft to touch.

2. Nourishes

Gamma linoleic acid contained in apricot seed oil is perfect for toning up your skin as well as for maintaining the firmness of the skin. Additionally it is abundant with Vitamin A and E, that really help in slowing the entire process of ageing. Therefore, using this oil onto the skin keeps the skin looking young, with no wrinkles and fine lines. The anti-inflammatory properties of the oil is effective in getting rest from eczema. Additionally, it has nourishing properties, that keep the skin supple as well as healthy.

3. Skin health

Apricot seed oil is excellent for the skin and is also utilized as a moisturizer for normal as well as oily skin. It is extremely light and in addition mild and gentle. Therefore it does not result in any harm to the skin and is also ideal for the skin of infants too. Additionally it is utilized as a face serum due to its light texture. By using oil onto the skin does not make the skin oily to touch. It is great for keeping the dry skin moisturized.

4. Skin scrub

The oil of the apricot seeds can be employed like a scrub with the addition of it along with sugar. This works miracles for the skin and offers you a skin which is radiant just like you get when using olive oil or even almond oil. Take some sugar and mix it together with the apricot seed oil. Now scrub the face carefully with it. This can act as an exfoliator and also eliminates dead skin cells through the skin, providing you with a glowing complexion that looks as glowing as new. It eliminates all of the impurities from the skin as well as cleanses the face, which makes it smooth as well as radiant in only three minutes.

5. Hair health

Apricot seed oil is wonderful for the hair as well as keeps it healthy. Include this along with other oils just like coconut oilamla and olive oil and massage your scalp well. Let it rest in your hair for around 20 minutes and after that wash off with a gentle shampoo. This really is ideal for dealing with dry and flaky scalp as well as keeps your scalp and hair hydrated. Additionally, it cures damaged hair as well as chemically treated hair. It will help in providing an all natural shine on the hair.

6. Night oil

Apricot oil is fantastic night oil. You get the best results by using it at night like a moisturizer. You might combine it with almost every other essential oil and after that massage it on the skin. Clean the skin and use a toner onto the skin before you decide to apply this oil.  This works well for eliminating dirt through the pores of the skin as well as opens up blocked pores, in addition to keeps the skin moist.

7. As an Under Eye Cream

Apricot oil can be applied similar to almond oil for curing under eye skin. It is great for decreasing dark circles, puffiness and enables to boost the skin around this region. With regular use of apricot kernel oil, you can decrease the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles near the eyes.

8. Face Oil

Apricot kernel oil is a nice face oil, particularly when compared to other heavier oils. It will help to enhance skin tone, nurture the skin and reduced the look of aging signs, just like wrinkles, lines as well as blemishes. However, this oil needs to be prevented by individuals who are suffering from acne or are susceptible to acne. This is because it features a comedogenicity of 2. Which means that the oil is mildly comedogenic also it can block skin pores. This might lead to pimples as well as blackheads.

9. Heart Health

Usage of apricot kernel oil could be healthier for the heart and also the cardiovascular system. This oil has revealed capability to lower the chance of myocardial infarction ( heart attack ) in rats and may possibly perform the same function in humans. One can take apricot oil in food like a salad dressing and by utilizing it for cooking particular recipes that go well with all the flavor of the oil.

Nutritional Information of Apricot Seed Oil

Here is the nutritional value of 1 cup of apricot kernel oil.

Nutrients Amount
Calories from Fat 1927
Monounsaturated  fat 131 g
Omega 6-Fatty acids 63872 mg
Phytolesterols 580 g
Polyunsaturated fat 63.9 g
Protein 1.4 g
Saturated Fat 13.7 g
Vitamin E 8.7 g


Besides its use as a healing agent along with a home cure for skincare, apricot kernel oil has numerous more uses. It really is utilized in some recipes exactly where it really brings out better flavor. However it is usually used only like a salad dressing regularly.  Moreover, it has also got some industrial applications.

1. Apricot kernel oil for making Soap

Apricot oil is utilized just as one component in soaps. One can utilize it in home made soap recipes to have a reduced oily as well as slippery oil. It can make a nice base oil for the soap, in conjunction with coconut oil as well as palm oil, that are common in soap making. Apricot oil adds a slight nutty aroma to the oil. Additionally it is an excellent carrier for essential oils that are utilized in soap making like lemon essential oil, lavender oil as well as Jasmine essential oil.

2. Production of Biodiesel

Apricot kernel oil is being examined because of its possibility to generate biodiesel and also the results so far look good. Particularly the oil from wild apricot varieties bring this purpose.

Buying and Storage

Before purchasing apricot kernel oil, one should ensure that the oil conforms to the safety standards regarding amygdalin along with other such compounds. The healthiest variety of oil is definitely the cold pressed, organic oil. This particular oil is fairly responsive to light as well as heat and may get rancid rapidly. Such a change is generally easily seen in the taste of the oil. However, one should always keep this oil in the cool environment, far from light. The shelf life of the oil differs from 6 months to a year, that is low. If it is kept refrigerated, the shelf life increases. This particular oil is more expensive than most other carrier oils. it costs about $5 for around 4 oz. The organic, edible oil is even costlier.

Side Effects, Safety and Toxicity Issues

Apricot kernel oil is usually secure topically. However, whenever utilized internally, there is one thing to note. Apricot kernels include a substance known as amygdalin. This really is converted by the body into cyanide, that is poisonous. This may lead to respiratory failure and may also be fatal.

Amygdalin is generally removed from oil products. This is done to make sure that the oil product contains much less amygdalin than the safety limit. This is actually the case with almond oil, apricot oil and peach oil. However, one should be absolutely sure that the oil product have been processed to eliminate this poisonous substance.

disadur : https://erbology.co/apricot-kernel-oil-benefits/#:~:text=High%20in%20unsaturated%20fats%2C%20apricot,an%20abundance%20of%20vitamin%20E.&text=(3)%20Apricot%20kernel%20oil%20contains,present%20in%20this%20excellent%20oil

Apricot kernel oil: The only thing better is apricot in Damascus

Team ErbologyWritten by Team Erbology

‘In Turkey, they say “bundan iyisi Şam’da kayısı” which literally translates into, the only thing better than that is apricot in Damascus. And in Egypt, they say “fel meshmesh,” or in the apricot, to indicate the impossibility of a happening – the ever-precious apricot is only in Egyptian markets momentarily every year.’

You could intrepidly travel the globe in sweetly glorious search of the Apricock / Abrecox in olde English, Abricot in French, Albaricoque in Spanish / Damasco in Argentine and Chile, al-burquk in Arabic and through the times from antiquity, when the fruit was known as praecox or praecoquus, which means ‘early’. The apricot matures much earlier in the season than its cousins the plums, which has caused many an apricot grower headaches. The sincere thoughts on the apricot that you landed upon in your grand journey would be admiring, no matter where or what time and discipline you were surrounded by.

The great, singularly venerated Chinese sage Confucius may have taught while surrounded by apricot trees, which are native to China. In homage to this possibility, the ancient Chinese doctor Tung Fung asked his patients to plant apricot trees in lieu of payment for treatment. Thereby, they seeded an apricot forest of a hundred thousand trees. And, it came to represent doctors and medicine for the Chinese. It naturally follows that apricots are important in traditional Chinese medicine. → View Related Products


The Roman general and legendary patron of the arts and culture Lucius Licinius Lucullus, who lived from 118 BC til 57 / 56 BC, was able to count among his multitude of notable achievements that of transporting apricot trees from Armenia to Europe. In England, apricots have been carefully and lovingly cultivated since the times of Henry VIII – but were reserved for the aristocracy. William Shakespeare’s “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” features the fairy queen Titania directing her subjects to feed Bottom with apricots, an intimation of sensuality and marvellous indulgence. Dramatist John Webster used apricots to different but equally striking effect in “The Duchess of Malfi” – to induce labour in the Duchess, as was then believed fresh fruit could do.

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The voluptuous flavour of the apricot is matched by the pleasing appearance of the fruit. The colour ranges from a subtle and soft yellow to a vivid orange hue which may exhibit reddish overtones; the cheeks are parted by a gentle divide. If you endeavored to split the apricot, you would see that the warm colour palette continues into the flesh. The smooth surface and the humble size of the apricot make it a tactile delight. It is no wonder that a multitude of artists as well as writers have crafted work in its honor. From anonymous Chinese painters of the Ming dynasty to gritty contemporary East London artists coming together in an exhibition called Apricot Juice, there is no shortage of those who have been bewitched by the apricot muse.

A particularly charming fact: the first known text in English written about painting by a female artist was a short treatise on painting apricots by Mary Beale in 1663. Beale wrote poetically and intensely on the colouring of apricots, saying among other things, “Color will bee raw & fierce; in ye pale yallow places… Let yor heigthenings in yor very ripe apricots bee whitelead, pale Mast: and a litle redlead. in les ripe ones less or none of ye red lead. Let yor shadowes bee pinke.” → View Related Products

Apricot in modern day

In the contemporary day, apricots are cultivated in regions from Armenia – where six thousand year old apricot seeds have been uncovered – to the Americas. English settlers to the United States originally introduced apricots to the country, but most of the apricots currently produced in the USA sprout from plants brought to California by Spanish settlers. From Syria to the Mediterranean and Australia, today many more people than solely the titled are able to regularly enjoy the honeyed flavour of this fruit. Iran, Italy, Pakistan, and Turkey lead the world in apricot production.

Apricots, or Prunus armeniaca, are the fruit of a beautiful, small to medium sized tree with pinkish white flowers; appropriately, the leaves have the shape of a heart. The boughs spread generously and bring protective shade to any creature that walks beneath. The apricot’s closest relative is the plum; other intimate family members include cherries, peaches, and almonds. The larger Rosaceae family tree spreads out to accommodate apples, berries, the mountain ash tree, and further flowering and flourishing kin.

Apricot kernel

The kernel, or the stone of the apricot, is also of historical use. Extract of apricot kernel is used instead of almond oil to sweeten the traditional Italian Amaretto liqueur and to make amaretti biscotti, while ground apricot kernel is mixed with coriander seeds and salt to make the Egyptian snack of dokka. Apricot kernel oil was used in England to treat tumours and ulcers in the 17th century. In the North-West Himalayas it is typically used to treat skin and hair; in India, this ingredient finds its way into massage oils in order to soothe physical soreness. → View Related Products

Apricot kernel oil: The only thing better is apricot in Damascus
Apricot kernel oil: The only thing better is apricot in Damascus

‘Thanks to all these factors and the glow that apricot kernel oil gives to your skin and hair, this ingredient makes star appearances in many beauty products.’

Why should I put apricot kernel oil on my body?

Extremely light and sinking beautifully into the skin and hair, apricot kernel oil nourishes and helps to retain moisture without any greasiness. Like almond oil, you can smooth it onto the under-eye area to restore and revive the delicate skin there; when used on the hair, it brings shine. Thanks to all these factors and the glow that apricot kernel oil gives to your skin and hair, this ingredient makes star appearances in many beauty products. It is also one of the best carrier oils, which means that you can add other essential oils very effectively to it. This makes it desirable as a massage oil or for use in aromatherapy. For all this, apricot kernel oil is not the best choice for those experiencing acne. It is somewhat comedogenic and may clog pores.(1)

Research shows that apricot kernel oil can also be quite effective in treating psoriasis. This skin condition often proves difficult to address medically for the 2% of the world’s population that it affects. Apricot kernel oil fights psoriasis by helping new, healthier skin cells to form.(2)

What makes apricot kernel oil work?

Apricot kernel oil cares so well for the skin and hair because it is fecund with polyphenols, or natural micronutrients found in plants. You can best source polyphenols from the actual fruits, rather than access via extracted supplements. Apricot kernel oil is also very rich with polyunsaturated fatty acids.

Could I also eat and drink my apricot kernel oil?

Although most apricot kernel oils on the market are only intended for cosmetic use, if formulated to food grade standard this oil can be used both externally and internally. The kernels must be properly prepared for ingestion in order to remove amygdalin. It is a naturally occurring substance in many fruit seeds, which is converted by the human body into cyanide. Amygdalin can be safely neutralised.

What are some of the healthy substances that apricot kernel oil contains?

High in unsaturated fats, apricot kernel oil offers an abundance of vitamin E. NIH acknowledged this nutrient to have antioxidant properties. In addition, apricot oil contains Vitamin A, essential for normal vision and immune system.

Omega 3’s, 6’s, and 9’s are valuable to have in one’s diet in the proper ratio and from the most viable sources.(3) Apricot kernel oil contains some very healthy omega-6 essential fatty linolenic acids; these are important for brain development and function. Oleic acid, an omega-9 fatty acid is also present in this excellent oil.


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