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5 Manfaat Ampuh Buah Raspberry untuk Kecantikan, Bisa Cerahkan Kulit!
Yuk, konsumsi buah raspberry

5 Manfaat Ampuh Buah Raspberry untuk Kecantikan, Bisa Cerahkan Kulit!
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29 Mei 2019
Raspberry kaya akan antioksidan, fitokimia, flavonoid, karotenoid, polifenol, vitamin, dan mineral yang paling sering digunakan sebagai anti inflamasi dan antioksidan. Sejumlah manfaat dari buah rasberry antara lain mengurangi kolesterol, membantu mencegah diabetes dan kanker, dan merupakan sumber vitamin C yang besar untuk meningkatkan kekebalan tubuh.

Selain memiliki nutrisi dan rasanya yang nikmat ternyata buah ini juga mempunyai manfaat untuk kecantikan. Berikut lima manfaat ampuh buah raspberry untuk kecantikan.

1. Dapat melindungi kulit dari kerusakan akibat sinar matahari
unsplash.com/Jonathan Mast
unsplash.com/Jonathan Mast
Pada buah raspberry terdapat antosianin dan asam ellagic yang memiliki manfaat untuk kulit dan wajah. Manfaat tersebut diantaranya dapat menangkal radikal bebas, membantu mengurangi kerusakan akibat radikal bebas pada kulit, melindungi kulit dari kerusakan akibat sinar matahari dan menghalangi pembentukan enzim yang memecah elastin dan kolagen pada kulit. Sehingga kulitmu dapat terawat dan cerah meskipun terkena sinar matahari.

2. Menjaga pertumbuhan rambut
unsplash.com/Annie Spratt
unsplash.com/Annie Spratt
Pada buah raspberry mengandung biotin yang dapat menjadi suplemen yang jika dikonsumsi dapat menjaga kesehatan rambut kamu. Sehingga rambut kamu akan terlihat lebih sehat, berkilau, panjang, kuat dan serta alami jika kamu sering menggunakan alat catok yang membuat rambutmu semakin kering. Selain itu, kandungan asam folatnya juga dapat membantu mencegah rambut rontok dan mendorong pertumbuhan rambutmu dan kamu dapat tampil lebih percaya diri.

3. Melembapkan dan mencerahkan kulit

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Is Red Raspberry Seed Oil an Effective Sunscreen? Plus Other Uses

Red raspberry seed oil contains properties that are beneficial to the skin and body.

Not to be confused with raspberry essential oil used for aromatherapy, red raspberry seed oil is cold-pressed from red raspberry seeds and packed with essential fatty acids and vitamins. Among its many benefits, it’s believed to offer protection from the sun.

Sun protection is crucial to prevent skin cancer. But while red raspberry seed oil does offer some UV protection, the protection is not enough to protect your skin from sun damage.

Keep reading to learn more about red raspberry seed oil, its many health benefits, and why it’s not an effective sunscreen.

Is red raspberry seed oil an effective sunscreen?

There’s been plenty of research over the years confirming red raspberry seed oil’s ability to absorb UV rays.

The different types of UV radiation include UVB, UVC, and UVA. The risk of skin cancer varies depending on the type of radiation:

  • UVC rays are absorbed by the atmosphere and don’t reach the earth’s surface. For this reason, it’s not a high risk factor for skin cancer.
  • UVB radiation is linked to skin cancer because it can damage the top layer of skin and change the DNA in your skin.
  • UVA radiation penetrates deep into the skin. Unprotected exposure to these rays can lead to premature skin aging and increase your risk for skin cancer.

According to research, red raspberry seed oil can absorb UVB and UVC sun rays. But the oil offers limited protection from UVA. UVA rays increase the risk for skin cancer and other skin problems like wrinkles and premature aging.

UVA rays increase the risk for skin cancer and other skin problems.


Because raspberry seed oil doesn’t offer UVA protection — which is responsible for 95 percent of UV rays — raspberry seed oil alone isn’t recommended as a sunscreen. Given its other beneficial characteristics, however, it can be used as a healing agent for other skin conditions.

Here’s a summary of the beneficial characteristics of red raspberry seed oil:

Characteristics of red raspberry seed oil Health benefits
absorbs UVB and UVC sun rays provides some UV protection (but no UVA protection)
antioxidants and essential fatty acids fight oxidative stress and reduce inflammation can soothe inflammatory skin conditions like eczemarosacea, and psoriasis
good source of vitamin A and vitamin E encourages healthy skin cell regeneration and growth
high levels of phytosterosis reduces transepidermal water loss, helping skin retain hydration and moisture
noncomedogenic won’t clog your pores
antioxidants and vitamins A and E stimulates collagen production and slows the skin aging process
linoleic acid helps rebalance the skin’s natural oils and reduces acne breakouts
can reduce bacteria and calm inflammation in your mouth promotes oral health
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Beneficial characteristics of red raspberry seed oil

While some over-the-counter moisturizers, body washes, and facial creams can improve the health of your skin, you may prefer a more natural skin care regimen.

Some of the benefits of red raspberry seed oil for skin care include:

1. Anti-inflammatory

Red raspberry seed oil contains a high amount of antioxidantsTrusted Source and essential fatty acids like alpha-linoleic acid. These fight oxidative stress and reduce inflammation.

Red raspberry seed oil also contains ellagic acid, a natural antioxidant found in different types of fruits including strawberries, blackberries, and cherries. It not only prevents inflammation and tissue damage but also promotes skin health.

2. Source of vitamin A and E

Red raspberry seed oil is also a source of vitamin A and vitamin E.

Vitamin A encourages healthy skin cell regeneration and growth, resulting in smoother, tighter skin.

Vitamin E offers similar benefits. As an antioxidant, the vitamin fights inflammation, reduces scars, and replenishes collagen levels.

3. High levels of phytosterosis

The phytosterosis in raspberry seed oil can also reduce transepidermal water loss. This helps your skin retain hydration and moisture. Hydrated skin has a healthier, glowing appearance.

4. Noncomedogenic

Red raspberry seed oil is noncomedogenic, meaning it won’t clog your pores. Use it to moisture your face without blocking your pores.

Where to find red raspberry seed oil

You can find red raspberry seed oil in most health food stores or order online.

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Uses for red raspberry seed oil

Because red raspberry seed oil has beneficial properties, it’s sometimes included as an ingredient in face creams, shampoos, lipsticks, and lotions. Common uses for the oil include:

1. Antiaging

As a great source of antioxidants and vitamins A and E, red raspberry seed oil can slow the aging process, stimulate collagen production, and help your skin appear more youthful and vibrant.

2. Acne

A good skin care routine is the first line of defense against acne.

Traditional acne treatments containing benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid can effectively fight blemishes. But these acne ingredients and others can have a drying effect on the skin.

Red raspberry seed oil acts as a natural acne remedy because the linoleic acid in the oil helps rebalance the skin’s natural oils. Less oil can lead to less acne. The fact that red raspberry seed oil doesn’t clog pores also contributes to fewer breakouts.

3. Dry skin

Whether your skin is temporarily dehydrated or chronically dry, applying a few drops of red raspberry seed oil can help boost your skin’s hydration level, softening dry patches of skin.

4. Skin inflammation

The anti-inflammatory effect of red raspberry seed oil also soothes symptoms of inflammatory skin conditions like eczemarosacea, and psoriasis.

Dry skin is a symptom of these conditions, too. The oil can moisturize and soften skin, as well as reduce flares and irritation like itching, swelling, and redness. Raspberry seed oil has been shownTrusted Source to reduce inflammation.

5. Gingivitis

Red raspberry seed oil doesn’t only benefit your skin. It can also benefit your oral health. Gingivitis is a mild form of gum disease characterized by inflamed gums caused by a buildup of plaque and bacteria in the mouth.

The oil can reduce bacteria in the mouth and calm inflammation around gum tissue, easing redness, swelling, and gum pain. You can use red raspberry seed oil as a mouth rinse, or pick up a toothpaste containing red raspberry seeds as an ingredient.

6. Sun protection

Even though red raspberry seed oil doesn’t offer enough protection from the sun’s harmful UV rays and skin cancer, you can use the oil along with sunscreen. Apply red raspberry seed oil underneath your sunscreen for added moisture to your sun protection.

The takeaway

The benefits of red raspberry seed oil range from reducing inflammation to slowing the aging process. But despite its many beneficial properties, it shouldn’t be used as your only type of sun protection.

Red raspberry seed oil may not be right for everyone. If you’re allergic to raspberries, you might be allergic to red raspberry seed oil, too. Signs of a reaction include redness, swelling, rash, and itching.

Apply the oil to a test patch of skin before applying over a larger area of your face or body.



Raspberry Seed Oil uses and health benefits


Raspberry Seed Oil uses and health benefits Quick Facts
Name: Raspberry Seed Oil uses and health benefits
Scientific Name: Rubus idaeus
Origin Raspberry has its original habitat South Eastern Europe. It could be found in Asia, Europe and North America.
Colors Yellow-Yellow red
Health benefits Lowers signs of aging, Skin health, Lowers inflammation, Prevent UV damage, Assist healing process

Raspberry seed oil has high content of gamma and alpha tocopherols, omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids and Vitamin A. It is a great source of alpha linolenic acid that provides anti-inflammatory properties which helps to sooth the skin problems. It has polyphenols such as anthocyanin and ellagitannin which is a powerful antioxidant that helps to rejuvenate cells and prevent skin damage. The oil is extracted by cold pressing the seeds of Raspberry. This oil could be added to facial creams, lip products, eye creams, hair care products and lip products. Raspberry seed oil has high content of Vitamin E and acts as a great source of antioxidants. It has high anti-inflammatory properties in comparison to hazel nuts and avocados. It is useful to treat signs of aging, dark spots and wrinkles. The oil has fruity aroma and its color ranges from yellow to red.History

Raspberry has its original habitat South Eastern Europe. It could be found in Asia, Europe and North America.

Health benefits of Raspberry seed oil

Besides the berry the seed also has got various health benefits. The seeds are used to extract oil that is loaded with various nutrients and advantages:

  1. Lowers signs of aging

Raspberry oil helps to minimize oxidation effect that is the causes of aging. It also slows the appearance of wrinkles. Raspberry oil helps to counteract wrinkles. This oil has high content of antioxidants that eliminates free radicals and makes the collagen of the skin firm and tight.

  1. Skin health

Acne is the skin condition caused due to excess production of sebum as well as dead skin cells that blocks hair follicles of the skin. It supports the bacteria build up and its infections in hair follicles. It leads to blotchy skin, spots and unsightly pimples that could lead to scarring. The oil of raspberry is an aid for acne as it opens up pores and clears the sebum. This oil has high content of Vitamin A as well as essential fatty acids that possess skin healing properties.

  1. Lowers inflammation

The chronic inflammation causes swelling, pain and arthritis. This oil is able to lower inflammation and is used as an ingredient in cosmetic products due to its effective treatment for rashes and eczema. The daily intake of Raspberry seed oil lowers severe inflammatory responses.

  1. Prevent UV damage

Raspberry oil has ellagic acid that helps to absorb UV-C and UV-B rays with SPF 50. It is considered to be an organic sunscreen which is provided by the Mother Nature.

  1. Assist healing process

Carotenoids have vital role in maintaining the skin health. It acts as antioxidants that protects the skin cells from UV rays damage and also promotes the cell repair. It also possess various nutrients that assist in healing process.

  1. Antioxidant activity

This oil has high content of gamma tocopherol and alpha tocopherol. Vitamin E is an effective antioxidant that assists the skin in clearing out free radicals.

  1. Moisturizes skin

Raspberry seed oil helps to moisturize skin and preserves the skin’s moisture by preventing it from losing due to atmosphere. Moreover, the regular use of this oil enhances the moisture level of skin and is useful for the people with chronic dry skin.

  1. Assist to lose weight

Raspberry seed oil has rheosmin which is a ketone that involves in the body metabolism process. It could also accelerate the process by assisting the transition of body to burn fat for energy instead of fat being reserved. When the body is on low carb diet, the body struggles on storing fat.

  1. Hair health

Raspberry seed oil is loaded with vitamin B that is a folic acid required to maintain the healthy hair and skin. Its deficiency could result to loss of hair. The addition of Raspberry oil to the treatment of hair could add shine to the hair and also strengthens it.

Traditional uses

  • It lowers the oxidative stress on skin.
  • Due to the presence of anti-inflammatory properties, it prevents the chances of eczema, rash and other skin problems.
  • It calms irritation and swelling caused due to hot conditions.
  • To promote oral health, it should be added to toothpaste and prevents the growth of bacteria.
  • In order to nourish and moisturize scalp and hair, it should be added to conditioner and shampoo.
  • It is used as a facial massage and relaxes body.
  • It helps to treat skin ailments and repair damaged skin.
  • It prevents the skin from water loss and also moisturizes skin.
  • It improves the elasticity and firmness of the skin.
  • It lowers the appearance of fine lines, dark spots and wrinkles.
  • It speeds up regeneration of skin.
  • It prevents the skin from sun damage.
  • It could be added to the body, baby care and skin care products.
  • It could be used in creams, lip balms, body balms, sun protection creams and other skin care products.


  • Consult the doctor for use.
  • Use it in moderate amounts.
  • People allergic to berries should not use this oil.
  • Perform a patch test before use.
  • Sensitive people might get allergic reactions.

Raspberry seed oil facts

Name Raspberry Seed Oil uses and health benefits
Scientific Name of Raspberry Rubus idaeus
Native Raspberry has its original habitat South Eastern Europe. It could be found in Asia, Europe and North America.
Common/English Name of Raspberry American red raspberry, Common red raspberry, European raspberry, Garden raspberry, Western red raspberry, Wild red raspberry
Name in Other Languages of Raspberry Catalan: Gerdera;
Danish: Hindær;
Dutch: Framboos;
Finnish: vaapukka, vadelma, vatu;
French: framboise, Framboisier, framboisier des jardins, kiock, ronce du mont Ida, Ronce framboisier;
German: Himbeere;
Icelandic: Hindber;
Italian: frambosa, Lampone, rovo ideo;
Japanese: yezo-ichigo, Razuberī (ラズベリー);
Norwegian: Bringebær;
Russian: malina obyknovennaja, Malina (Малина), malina obyknovennaya (малина обыкновенная);
Spanish: Frambueso, Sangüeso;
Swedish: hallon;
Extraction method Cold pressed
Color Yellow-Yellow red
Aroma Fruity

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